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Buster Brown - 1974. This photo is from the cover of an LP that we recorded when signed to Mushroom Records, it was titled "Something to say". Pictured are Angry Anderson, Geordie Leech and Paul Grant who all became members of Rose Tattoo, Chris Wilson who later played with Broderick Smith and Phil Rudd who became AC/DC's drummer.

The stupid smile on my face was there because I was stoned.

The Jim Keays Band - 1980. This band was put together by Jim Keays former lead singer of one of Australia's most successfull bands of the 60's The Masters Apprentices.

This band built up quite a following and at one stage was the 2nd highest paid unrecorded band in the country (Icehouse/Flowers were the highest). One of the highlights in this band was playing at the Sydney Opera House at "The Concert of The Decade" in front of 125,000 people in 1980, this concert featured all artists that were "big" in the 70's.

One LP was recorded "Red on the meter".

W.H.Y. - 1983 in front of the Berlin Wall. This band was put together after myself, Mike Rudd & Bill Putt (both formerly of Spectrum & Ariel) had been playing in a band called Mike Rudd & The Heaters. W.H.Y. was snapped up by a successfull German record company and was whisked off to Europe. If ever a band was innovative ANYWHERE in the world it was this one and in the end it ultimately caused it's downfall.

We were the only band in the world who were combining computer's with video in live performances in perfect syncronisation. The band would play a song and a film clip would be shown on a large screen behind us in perfect sync, in a lot of places people were convinced we were miming. 

After spending 4 months recording and playing in Europe the band came back to Australia. This was our big mistake, the show was so different from anything anyone had experienced that the music industry had no idea what to do with us.

In the end due to no work, no money and a dispute with the Australian branch of our record company, the band broke up.

The album "Present Tense" we recorded in Germany, was released in Europe to critical acclaim but it was too late by then to do anything to promote it.

1983- This is a copy of a press release from IC records in Germany about W.H.Y. and myself during our stay in Germany.
The Incredible Penguins in the studio recording War is Over- 1985. This band was a "fun" cover band comprising myself, members of Mother Goose and Wendy & The Rockets. The main feature of the band was the guest appearance's of well known musician's and singer's in the Oz Rock industry. In Nov '85 we went into the studio to record a song to aid the plight of Phillip Island penguins and it featured many of the "who's who" at the time. Pictured are myself, the late Steve Gilpin singer of Mi-Sex, Scott Carne of Kid's in the Kitchen, Craig & Pat from Mother Goose and a motley assortment of Hari Krishna's. This record made it to number 10 nationally in Australia and was produced by Ian "molly" Meldrum.
1985 - Live on Stage with the Incredible Penguins.
1985 - Pound for Pound. This band could have been anything! Managed by former AC/DC manager Michael Browning we only ever made it into the recording studio to record some demo's. There was a HUGE industry vibe on this band but...shit happens.

Members from left to right: Randy Bulpin (ex-Mondo-Rock), John Kirk (ex-Uncanny Xmen), Andrew Smart (the best unknown voice in the world!), me, and Trevor Young (ex-Blackfeather & Coloured Balls).

1987 - Men Without Shame was a high powered hard rock cover band similar to The Party Boys but a bit heavier. This band was one of the biggest drawing cover band's in Melbourne and on the odd occasion where it had to share billing with "bigger name" original bands, would blow them out of the water. This was an extremely polished and professional outfit with a high level of musicianship. Like the Incredible Penguins many well known singer's from other band's would often join us on stage as "special guest's" such as Angry Anderson, Jim Keays, Ron Martini from Dear Enemy and the foxiest female duo in the biz....Cheetah!

Pictured on the right is the cover of the 1988 Hell's Angel's Broadford Magazine and it shows MWS performing. That was one of the best shows we ever did, and we "tore the joint apart", the organisers and the crowd would not let us go.

1994 - Men Without Shame returned after a 4 year lay off playing original music. The band impressed people everywhere it played but with the introduction of poker machines, the number of live venues diminished rapidly until it was almost impossible to get regular work.

This version of MWS broke up in November after only 10 months.

These 3 photo's were taken from a performance at The Palace in Melbourne.

And finally just to let you all know where my heart really lies.....this is a picture of my puss and his name is Mungo......handsome devil 'aint he?