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Why Treecycle?

Why Treecycle?

With urbanization, trees reaching maturity, insects and disease, there are 1000's of trees removed each year from the Dandenong Ranges area, with their waste becoming firewood and mulch. We have set our sights on trying to reduce the amount of city forestry waste reaching landfills and urban fireplaces. Using treecycled timber processed from salvaged city trees lessens the amount of wood harvested from the natural growing environment.

Most trees end up with a fate no better than being burnt. Why waste such a valuable natural resource? We instead use these trees to create useable products such as building materials, flooring, and furniture grade timber etc.

What we Treecycle.

Our milling selection consists of mostly Australian Native trees grown in the Dandenong Ranges, such as Mountain Ash, Blackwood, Silver Wattle and Messmate, as well as our domestic exotics including Cyprus, Radiata Pine, Japanese Cedar and Sequia.

In most instances we are able to remove large logs that would have traditionally been chain-sawed on site into small manageable pieces and removed by the tree lopper for disposal. As an added bonus, the homeowner is offered the option of having their tree(s) milled into useable timber and kiln dried if required. This allows the customer the opportunity to utilize their tree(s) for any future building projects, custom furniture and solid timber flooring.

We also specialse in producing slabs perfect for dining & coffee tables, console, desk tops and benches. Slabs are available rough sawn unfinished, and are available in 1-2 thicknesses in a variety of sizes and species. We offers many book matched sets, meaning they we cut consecutively from the same log. Using book matched slabs allows you to create wider surfaces and creates a mirror image effect. Most slabs are available with live edge (bark) on both sides.