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Most trees end up with a fate no better than being burnt. Why waste such a valuable natural resource? We instead use these trees to create useable products such as building materials and furniture grade timber. (see Timber availability list )

Posts and Beams

Milled up to 5.5 metres in length we have a variety of both native and exotic timber suitable for mud brick and straw bale housing. We have a constant supply of 250x250 posts and beams up to 250x100 suitable for roof and ridge beams.

Slabs and Boards

Having a collection of around 10,000 slabs milled over the past 15 years we are sure we can meet most timber species and sizing requirements. We also mill timber at 250x50 specificically for staircase steps and runners

Castle and Gothic style doors

These doors can be made to order in a wide range of timbers, and sizes. They are supplied with all fittings including hinges and locks.



Timber Sales

Don't burn that tree...