(Being a listing of Melbourne Anime Society screenings, January 2008 and onwards)

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  12 January 2008

  26 January 2008

 Lovely Complex                               2  
 Tale of the Saiun Kingdom              30                            No Screening
 Bamboo Blade                                1  
 Code Geass                                   16                                  due
 Stelvia of the Universe                     2                                   to
 Hyper Police                                    2                            Australia Day
 Future Boy Conan  
 Fist of the North Star (TV)                          and the lack of
 Dennou Coil                                    7                        an alternative hall
 Blue Drop                                       3  
 Claymore                                      13                   See you 9 February 2008

  9 February 2008

  23 February 2008

 Lovely Complex                               3  Lovely Complex                               4
 Tale of the Saiun Kingdom              31  Tale of the Saiun Kingdom              32
 Bamboo Blade                                2  Bamboo Blade                                3
 Code Geass                                   18  Code Geass                                   19
 Shakugan no Shana, the movie  Gunbuster II                                3-4
 Dennou Coil                                    8  Re-Cutie Honey                              1
 Blue Drop                                       3  Dennou Coil                                    9
 Claymore                                      14  Claymore                                      15

  8 March 2008

  29 March 2008

 Lovely Complex                               5  Lovely Complex                               6
 Tale of the Saiun Kingdom              33  Tale of the Saiun Kingdom              34
 Bamboo Blade                                4  Bamboo Blade                                5
 Code Geass                                   20  Code Geass                                   21
 Macross Frontier                              1  Mnemosyne                                    1
 Moyashimon                                    1  Dennõ Coil                               11-12
 Hatonko Yugi                                  1  Claymore                                      17
 So Long Mr Despair  
 Dennõ Coil                                   10  
 Blue Drop                                       4  
 Claymore                                      16          Altered screening date due to Easter.

The 29 March screening (one week out of kilter due to the Easter break) was marked by a number of computer lockups. (So much for the infalibility of Linux.) In the end it was necessary to jetison one of the advertised items to finish on time. How will we live without that episode of Re-Cutie Honey?

  12 April 2008

  26 April 2008

 Lovely Complex                               7  Lovely Complex                               8
 Tale of the Saiun Kingdom              35  Tale of the Saiun Kingdom              36
 Bamboo Blade                                6  Bamboo Blade                                7
 Code Geass                                   22  Code Geass                                   23
 Gunbuster II                                5-6  Simõn                                           1-2
 Re-Cutie Honey                              2  Dennõ Coil                               15-16
 Dennõ Coil                              13-14  Claymore                                      19
 Claymore                                      18  

  10 May 2008

  24 May 2008

 Lovely Complex                               9  Lovely Complex                            10
 Tale of the Saiun Kingdom              37  Bamboo Blade                                9
 Bamboo Blade                                 8  Dennõ Coil                              19-20
 Simõn                                              3  Tale of the Saiun Kingdom        38-39
 Code Geass                              24-25  Macross Frontier                          2-3
 Mnemosyne                                    2  Simõn                                              4
 Dennõ Coil                              17-18  Claymore                                  21-22
 Claymore                                      20  

  14 June 2008

  28 June 2008

 Lovely Complex                            11  Lovely Complex                            12
 Bamboo Blade                             10  Bamboo Blade                              11
 Dennõ Coil                              21-22  Mnemosyne                                    3
 Special General Meeting  Dennõ Coil                              23-26
 Re-Cutie Honey                              3  Simõn                                             6
 Simõn                                             5  Claymore                                 25-26
 Claymore                                 23-24  

There was Special General Meeting on 14 June 2008, in which it was formally decided to end the incorporated body known as the Melbourne Anime Society. With a new anime club (South East Anime) in the works, which may possibly take over the name, library, and etc., I had some idea of continuing these MAS web pages as if nothing was happening. However it will be more complicated than that.

Note that the last June screening was the FINAL meeting of the incorporated body known as the Melbourne Anime Society. At the time of writing there is a new group in Melbourne for fans of anime, meeting at a different time and place. Follow this link or click on the SEA symbol below. If the links go dead, try googling things like South East Anime, Victoria, Australia. There should be something somewhere.

New anime club Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: South East Anime.
Click here to go to the SEA mainpage


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