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Originally, the immediate push for getting this site up-and-running was the Melbourne Anime Society (which now has its own separate home page). For anime fans who have come this far, what you are looking for may be on either this link to the up-to-date MAS screening schedule or this listing of MAS loan recordings.

Most of anything I have written for science-fiction fanzines and which survives on computer disk somewhere gets to appear here, eventually. So does new stuff, as I get around to doing it. (Brief tale of woe: I had all my disks catalogued on hard disk, and the catalogue backed up on a floppy. Then came the Great Hard Disk Crash, followed by the discovery that although my computer said it was backing up when I told it to, it really wasn't. Even now, every so often, I find something on a floppy which gets added here. The Crash is also the reason for anything else I can possibly blame on it.)

If anything on this page looks a little too out-of-date, you might like to check the U.S. mirror site. My first-ever ISP was my computer club, Micom. In the early days, teething problems involving Micom hardware and software caused me to give the mirror priority. Teething problems gave way to regular connection problems, which continued right up to the time Micom ceased to function as an ISP. My ISP these days is Connexus, which, being an ISP as a business instead of a sideline is more reliable. So life is now problem free? Well, computers are involved, so no. As I write this, my main computer is refusing to upload to the mirror site, which is a change from another time when it was the other way around. Even when this problem is fixed I have no doubts some new one will eventually arise. If you do not see here whatever it is you are after, check the version in the other country. The link is at the foot of whatever page of mine you are on.

A number of my pages contain hit counters, despite my being given advice to the contrary. ("Why advertise your page is getting no traffic?" A point of view Geocities probably went along with, as all their counters turned invisible to public gaze some time ago.) But I really wanted to see what was more popular than what, and went ahead anyway. After being knocked out of commission for almost a year by a double medical whammy, one of which masochists may care to read about on this link, I discovered the company supplying the counter on my Australian pages had changed its net address without warning, meaning an unknown number of hits had gone unrecorded. Meantime Geocities had gone on uninterrupted. I began to collate my data. The first and most recently added page I looked at, in which counters had started up in both countries at the same time, at one stage in 2000 had 119 USA hits to 96 Australian. Later, in 2001, it was 93 USA hits to 491 Australian. This means my USA page must have had at least 26 negative hits! This is even worse than none at all! Still, any statistics are better than none, right?

ME! (One of my favourite topics)
Explaining who I am might be an idea, especially since it has come to my attention I am not unique after all, and there are other people named Bruce Barnes on the internet. Merv Binns once described me as a "science fiction fan, author, film maker, actor, and probably many things we do not know about." I'll go along with that. For the benefit of masochists and insomniacs, the beginnings of a more detailed autobiography can be had by checking here.

It has come to my attention that I am not aging backwards. Since starting this page I have started going grey at the edges, (which was not too bad at first, but now it is starting to show on photographs). I am also developing lines in my face. This is not totally unexpected, but a couple of vertical lines above my nose are making it look like I am frowning even when I am not. I mention all this just for the purpose of going on record that I am not in favour of it, and intend to complain about the state of affairs as soon as I figure out the who and how.

My published writing was one of the reasons for starting this page, so I am gradually (as oddly-dwindling time permits) adding stuff on my writing and the process of writing here.

-- Latest update to this page on 6 September 2006 --
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Anime-related stuff: Travel-related stuff (Trip reports based around SF Conventions): Australia-related stuff: Me-related stuff: Strange-stuff stuff: Links to other sites on the web: Writing: Movies, television, and me: The "I've been framed" department: Frequently Asked Questions: The link to Australia-related stuff began as a service for overseas visitors to this site, to explain certain Australianisms I may have used. If anything puzzles you, or there is something you think deserves being added, please email me at my e-mail address.
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