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Originally, the immediate push for getting this site up-and-running was the Melbourne Anime Society. Hardly anybody knew what anime was way back then, we wanted to popularise it, and now...hoo boy. People who did not know what manga was have now learned to read translations of un-flipped Japanese comic books, (starting from the back and reading the panels right to left). As popularity went up, we progressed from meeting in people's homes to hiring theatres to screen our stuff, which brought some not-obvious hassles. In the end we became a victim of our own success. Anime is popular, as intended. It is also easily downloadable. Consider that at the start, it was easier to mail videocassettes between people willing to give slabs of their own effort and time. I may do an article of the winding-down of the MAS, whose webpage survives here mainly as a curiosity.

ME! (One of my favourite topics)
Explaining who I am might be an idea, especially since it has come to my attention I am not unique after all, and there are other people named Bruce Barnes on the internet. Merv Binns once described me as a "science fiction fan, author, film maker, actor, and probably many things we do not know about." I'll go along with that. For the benefit of masochists and insomniacs, the beginnings of a more detailed autobiography can be had by checking here.

Most of anything I have written for science-fiction fanzines ‐ and which also survives on computer disk somewhere ‐ might get to appear here, eventually. Once upon a time all my floppy disks were categorised on my hard drive, which one day crashed really heavily. Did I not do backups? Well, I thought I had. It turns out that one symptom of a hard disc as it silently karks it in the background, is to report it is backing up stuff, while not. Every so often, afterwards, I would find something on a floppy, which would get added here. These days computers do not come with inbuilt floppy drives. Going through ancient floppies in search of the rare gem takes time, along with the finding of a USB floppy-drive I have around somewhere.

This page was once mirrored at, which stopped being free, then became acquired by Yahoo, who shut it down. Geocities pages can sometimes be resurrected by changing "geo" to "reo" or "oo". (For instance try <> to see something through a timewarp.) My first-ever ISP was my computer club, which had problems right up to the time it ceased to function as an ISP. Even more recently it has ceased to function even as a web page.

Hit counters were another issue. I wanted to see what pages were more popular than what, despite advice such as "Why advertise your page is getting no traffic?" When geocities went, obviously they took their counter data with them. The counters running at the foot of each Connexus page first went out of date when the company changed its net address, before eventually going out of business even as I was noting down my data. Looking back on surviving data.... One particular page once had 119 USA hits to 96 Australian. A year later, it was 93 USA hits to 491 Australian. So the USA version of the page must have had at least 26 negative hits! So, any statistics are better than none, right? All the same, I do not think I will bother with page counters again.

Nor will I bother with guest books, either. Every so often, the contents would vanish, or the link would become invalid. I would start a new guestbook. It would act up similarly. Another guestbook, and one day I realised it contained the comments of the first guestbook. Who knew where the new comments went, and what was going on, I have no idea.

It has come to my attention that I am not aging backwards. Since starting this page I have began going grey at the edges, which was not too bad at first, but then it started to show on photographs. Eventually my sideburns went unmistakably white! I mention all this just to go on record that I am not in favour getting older, and intend to complain about the state of affairs as soon as I figure out the who and how.

My published writing was one of the reasons for starting this page, so I am gradually (as oddly-dwindling time permits) adding stuff on my writing and the process of writing here.

-- Latest update to this page on 16 February 2018.

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